Who We Are

LitePaw, LLC is an L.E.D Pet Product Brand that is devoted to lighting up the lives our furry friends, literally. We strive to protect your pet with the latest and greatest in pet friendly technology and eye catching designs. Our products are made with the highest quality fabrics, threading, and rust resistant metals currently available on the market, and the brightest L.E.D technology! We are offering a high end product at a reasonable price that can’t be beat!

  • charlieboy


    Top Dog

    Charlie is Commander in Chief, the President of Treat Town, and the Top Dog in Charge. His daily routine consists of lounging in the sun, begging for scraps of Hooman foods, and sleeping in his heated tempurpedic bed. Of course he also runs this entire website, social media pages, and everything else when he has […]

  • gucci2


    Office Bitch

    Gucci is our loud spoken gal that loves to bark her head off and your ears off! If you have any questions, or just want to chat with someone on our team, Gucci is your girl. Although, we can’t promise she’ll shut up.

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