Summer Heat Wave


Step outside your front door and you’ll be sure to feel the suffocating heat that is starting early in the morning and lasting well into the evening. While this is great for summer fun in the pool, it’s not so great for your pets. As the asphalt and ground heat up, the more dangerous it is for your dogs paw pads. This may seem like a no brainer scenario, but I see it every day people outside walking their dogs in direct sunlight, no shade, on asphalt, at 2:00pm. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about waiting for the temperature to cool down, and the sun to set before heading out with your pooch? The cool evening breeze will be a welcomed treat for you and fido.

Walking your dog at night doesn’t have to be a scary or stressful activity, making sure you’re seen and safe is as easy as L.E.D. Remember in this heat the best option is to go out at night, and at night being safe doesn’t have to be costly.