• Summer Heat Wave


    Step outside your front door and you’ll be sure to feel the suffocating heat that is starting early in the morning and lasting well into the evening. While this is great for summer fun in the pool, it’s not so great for your pets. As the asphalt and ground heat up, the more dangerous it […]

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  • Local News: LA Crosswalk Tragedy


    This was all over the news just 2 months ago, and is still fresh in many peoples minds. A mother (61) and daughter (31) as well as their golden retriever were all killed while walking across a zebra crosswalk. The man who ran them over was completely sober and aware, he simply just did not […]

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  • One and Done


    In case you haven’t noticed, our products are highly durable and made of top quality materials you wont find in other L.E.D pet products currently on the market. LitePaw is literally your “one and done” shop for your pet accessory needs, day or night! During the day your pooch can rock a stylish collar, harness, […]

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  • Welcome to LitePaw


    Thank you for taking the time to check out our site and look through our goodies! LitePaw branded products are intended for any animal that would benefit from being lit up like a Holiday extravaganza. We are constantly adding more products to our line, so please bookmark us or follow us on our social media […]

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